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Community Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation In Greenville SC

Freedom House Of Greenville in Greenville, SC


What Makes Us Different

Welcome to Freedom House of Greenville, located in Greenville South Carolina. We are not located in an apartment complex or hotel. We are a 5,000 sq. ft. residence with an at-home atmosphere and recovery family. We have been helping men and women find freedom from alcohol and addiction since 2011. We have both a men's and women's facility.
Freedom House began in a small 3 bedroom house and quickly grew, as did their reputation, as a quality sober-living home at an affordable cost. Freedom House provides a clean, safe, sober-living environment with accountability. Residents are encouraged to gain independence as they move forward in their recovery and lives.
The vision was and still is to provide a home and family-like setting, encourage daily structure, and provide a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to a lifestyle of long-term recovery, while grounded in a strong 12-step foundation of recovery.

Who We Serve

For those who seek treatment or detox, many times they have nowhere to go upon release. Being released from a treatment center or detox program with no resources will frighten and overwhelm these men and women. In many cases, their family members and friends have already given up on them.
There are individuals that want continued help but are not sure where to turn. They need a place to live where there are no alcohol and other drugs available. They need to find work and attend 12-step meetings, but because many have lost their licenses or cars, they need support. It is very common for one to only have the clothes on his/her back, with no food or money. This is a critical period and unfortunately most relapse during this time. They want to know how to get to the point of reuniting with their family. They want to be husbands, wives, fathers and mothers who are involved with their family's lives as a positive influence.

We Provide On-Staff 24/7 & Employment Programs


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  • Community Foundation of Greenville
Individual Recovery Heroes
  • John Foster
  • Tommy Foster
  • Don Foster
  • Chuck Ware
Gold Sponsors
  • Robert Day
  • Paul Desmond
  • Glenn Ashley
  • Jan & Greg Horne
  • John & Jennifer Anderson
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  • A Special Thank You to Harvest Hope
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a. 100% employment rate of all residents
b. $1,652 average residents income per month
c. 5 average meetings attended per week by residents
d. 44% success rate of residents reaching one year clean and sober
e. Our cost is $21.67 per residents a day opposed to $677 average drug treatment program per day in the U.S.